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You are invited to join us on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 3:00 in room 3 at Catherine S. Rood Central Cocoa Library to listen to the Near-Death accounts of Jeff Olsen and Anita Moorjani as documented in their audios, books and conferences.  

At this Chapter meeting, each of the Near Death Experiencers and authors will share their story via audio.   After participants listen to the audio account, there will be a 20-30 minute discussion among the attendees.  The guest facilitator, Angie Moates will pose questions to the group. Participants that would like to share their thoughts or feelings  may then comment to the relevance of learning about Olsen and Moorjani's experiences.  

Starting the NEW YEAR off by listening to these two infamous authors and NDEer's may lift your spirits and give you HOPE to live out your journey with renewed purpose.

Meetings in 2022 will be held the last Sunday of each month except  for December as we plan to have a holiday party that month.   

PREVIEW:  in March, this Chapter will be hosting speaker, Bill Guggenheim,  and co-author of the book,  "Hello From Heaven".  He answers these three questions:  Is there life after death?  Will we be reunited with out deceased love ones when we die? Can they communicate with us now?  

Please contact us and we will allow space for you to add to our blog.

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We now have a Near Death Experience set of books to share with attendees.  You may also bring your books to share with our set of books.  

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